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ASEM Recognition Bridge Declaration
      Updated September 24, 2015


 Following the Recommendation on the Recognition of Studies and Qualifications in Higher Education (Recommendation), adopted by the General Conference of UNESCO at its twenty-seventh session, Paris, 13th November 1993, Considering parties to the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region (Lisbon Recognition Convention), parties to the Asia-Pacific Regional Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications in Higher Education (Tokyo Recognition Convention), and ASEM member countries, Echoing the spirits of Shaping an ASEM Education Area in Conclusions by the Chair of the 3rd Asia-Europe Meeting of Ministers for Education, made on 10th May 2011, Acknowledging that there is no significant and fundamental difference for recognising higher education qualifications in general principles, regulations and methods in both Tokyo and Lisbon Recognition Convention. The Ministers of ASEM countries declare the following:

I. In order to foster CLOSER cooperation and exchange of information in recognition of qualifications concerning higher education between Asian and European regions under the Framework of ASEM, it is necessity to establish an effective cooperation mechanism in this regard.

II. Each Party to one of the two Conventions will, with regard to decisions on the recognition of qualifications concerning higher education, apply the principles and regulations on recognition to holders of qualifications which have been issued by a Party of the respective Convention.

III. The national information centres according to Article IX.2 of the “Lisbon Recognition Convention”, and Article VIII.3 of the “Tokyo Recognition Convention” will fulfil their tasks to Parties to the respective Convention.

IV. The networks of national information centres in the European and Asian regions are encouraged to work closely with regard to inter-regional cooperation and information exchange on recognition matters.

V. The effective cooperation mechanism, as well as cooperation activities shall be jointly constituted and implemented by all national information centres and those institutions with responsibilities for national information centres through respective regional networks.

VI. Inter-regional cooperation is not confined to national information centres or those institutions with responsibilities for national information centres through respective regional networks. Other institutions with responsibilities for recognition of qualifications in other regions are encouraged to participate in inter-regional cooperation activities.


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