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      Updated May 16, 2016

The establishment of CBQAN aims to build a platform to know, understand and learn from each other, to promote communication among organizations and projects, and to improve the quality and international recognition of cross-border education models, such as jointly running schools, distance education and the third-party education.

CBQAN Working Situation



Job Description

Dec. 2013

Established secretariat

The First Working Group Meeting on Implementing ASEM Recognition Declaration, approved with the CBQAN draft of action plan and consensus conference.

Mar-Apr. 2014

Draft the Organizational Charter of CBQAN

CDGDC draft the organizational charter of CBQAN; and ask for feedbacks from Malaysia,UK and other members of“Asia-Europe Higher Education Qualification Mutual Recognition Collaborative Working Group”.


Design CBQAN website

Run the “CBQAN website” which is a part of ANICs.

May. 2014

CBQAN Working Situation Report

Will report the draft of organizational Charter of CBQAN and other working situations to the 2014 ASEM Senior Official Conference.




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